It’s all Giada’s fault..

FoodNetwork is inspiring.  In a “let me run to the grocery store and buy all these ingredients I’ve never heard of and I’ll never use again” way.   You walk down the aisles picking up spices and piling things into your cart, racking up a bill that doubles the price of any  main dish at that fancy restaurant down the street.  But you have encompassed a new Emeril Lagasse complex and, shit.. that fancy restaurant will want to hire you after they taste this fabulous meal your about to cook up.

So I tell this tale from experience.  I have read many recipes and have been entranced by pretty women cooking even prettier meals on TV.  This is exactly why tonight I’m making homemade tomato sauce.

Yup, it was Giada, she made the sauce on her show and sang her recipe lullaby making sure to say a few choice words with an italian accent and well, that was enough for me.  Her rolling r’s tapped into my Italian side and I got the itch.  Oh not only did I buy all the necessary spices but thought I’d DOUBLE the recipe to save for later because this sauce is going to be better than any Prego or Barilla, so clearly we have to have at least a couple of months supply.

Moutains of Marinara

I don’t wanna pat myself on the back but if I was double jointed..

The sauce tastes good! Not only good, really good.  Enough to make any italian proud.  I had a great time cooking up the fancy pants ingredients and taking tastes all along the way.  I was up to my ear lobes in canned tomatos and garlic and I even whipped out the food processor.  The recipe called for chicken broth but I always cook with wine.. I even add it to the food.  With my few personal touches, I can call the sauce my own.  And I better because I will be eating it from now until winter.

When all was said and done, the big test was  having my boyfriend Charlie test it out.  He ate his entire plate which honestly, I can’t even take as a compliment because he eats most everything that is set in front of him.  But when he started sliding his finger across the bottom of the bowl with no sense of manners or decency to capture every last bit of the sauce, well, I knew I had done ok.