A little thing called Pinterest.

Dear Ladies and Creative-Gentlemen-Secure-With-Their-Sexuality,

I need to introduce Pinterest to your life.

Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share things you love.”

No other website have I come across that excites more joy and anguish at the same time.  Pinterest will show you what you want to see.  You “follow” fellow pinners who tend to pin things that make you feel all warm and gooey inside.  Unless you don’t like feeling warm and gooey and then you follow pinners who make you feel cold and solid inside (is that the opposite of warm and gooey?)  Hey, whatever rocks your boat.  But that’s the greatest part of Pinterest.  What rocks the boat will be at your finger tips until you click and click and suddenly five hours have passed and you can’t remember the last time your blinked or that life actually existed outside your computer screen.

What I have found is that diamond rings, french bulldogs, good-looking men, fantastic recipes and do it yourself projects are things that rock my boat.  Thanks Pinterest, I get it, I’m a girl.  And now the whole world knows.

It awakens the creative child within you and literally makes you way to stand up from your computer, buy arts and crafts and totally make your life into one big DIY mess.  You suddenly will have to urge to buy fabric and make your own headboard or buy chalkboard paint and make all your apartment into one big classroom.

Instead of these extremely difficult projects that I would most likely quit halfway through, I tackled a simple DIY project that I knew I could handle.  Making my own canvas print.

First you print out the picture you wish to transfer onto the canvas.  Apply a thick layer of Mod Podge to the canvas.

Press the picture (ink side down) into the painted canvas and push out all the air bubbles.  Make sure the entire picture is pressed into the canvas and pay attention to the corners and ends.

Leave it to dry overnight.  Once ready to remove the paper, saturate the picture with water.  With your fingers, rub the paper off of the canvas until it is completely removed.

After all the paper is removed, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the print and you’re done!  The picture does not come out true to color after it has been transferred to the canvas but it still looks great.  It almost has a vintage look to it.  And plus, you did it yourself =)

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me what project you will tackle or share your favorite pin!

Or maybe this will be your first one! Pin It


4 Comments on “A little thing called Pinterest.”

  1. Ashley says:

    The canvas picture transfer was my first DIY from Pinterest too! I love the way it came out! Best part about it is you can transfer to other items as well…like wood and tile! Another pinterest inspired DIY project that I did was to make my own canvas prints. It was a bit more work than the photo transfer but I loved the results 🙂

  2. Leah says:

    I’m confused on wat kind of picture you use….does it need to b a picture printed on regular paper? And not an actual photo on photo paper?

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