Over the bridge to the other side of the bay

I’ve written a post with this exact title before.  I recently took a weekend trip to San Francisco with some family, friends and friend’s dog.  Since we went over the bridge to the other side of the bay only this time, a little higher up in California, I decided it was the perfect title.  We (and yes that does include the pup) rode bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Does NOT get any more touristy than that but what can I say? I loved every second of it.

All pictures are from my iPhone.


One Comment on “Over the bridge to the other side of the bay”

  1. Scott and Merri says:

    This blog content is extraordinary…your pretzel skills are especially interesting…not to worry, you will finalize a method to make them crispy outside (very important) and lusciously soft and textured inside…

    The trip over the Golden Gate is one of the best vistas on the west coast…and to enjoy it with family and friends makes it spectacular

    Once you master the pretzel thing, I am willing to act as the franchisee director……I believe we can convince Starbucks to license the recipe from us, and we could collect royalties ongoing…if Starbucks declines, then Walmart might bite…get it….!!

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